David Kellman

Strategic Partnerships Manager


David Kellman is an ex college athlete, vape technology expert, and all-around cannabis advocate and enthusiast. David comes from a fast-paced background with a high school and college history steeped in sports across football, basketball and lacrosse.


Becoming a cannabis user in his early 20’s, he quickly found a passion for the plant and spiraled into any and all information about it from its medicinal uses to the cultivation of it. Years of private usage led to more first hand understanding of the health benefits of the plant eventually translating into global public health advocacy.


Prior to transitioning into the legal cannabis industry, David opened and managed retail locations for one of the biggest companies in the electronic cigarette industry. Finding clear parallels in the taboo nature of e-cigarettes and cannabis, along with the real possibility of both to provide healthier alternatives for consumers, it was an easy cross over for him into the cannabis industry.


Now, as the Strategic Partnerships Manager for The WeedHead™ & Company, David is a steadfast student of business in the burgeoning cannabis industry, learning the nuances of collaborative strategy to help bring legitimacy and diversity to the growing cannabis industry.

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