Erbanna | "Kimberly" Queen Snake Stash Bag

Erbanna | "Kimberly" Queen Snake Stash Bag


Looking for your new fall accessory? The "Kimberly" writstlet in our Queen Snake pattern, knows no season. Looking as good in day as it does at night, in summer whites to fall jeans or to a New Year's Eve party, this bag is your do everything go everywhere item.  Designed to go either inside your tote or be carried on its own the "Kimberly" comes with SMELL-PROOF, Odor Loc technology, descreet inside pockets, credit card/license holder slots, and a wristlet making it fully functional.  The Kimberly is all purpose, buy one and take her on your next trip, as the only bag you need!

  • Size

    The length of the Kimberly is 9.5” at the top opening and tapers to 7.0” at the bottom.

    The height is 4.25” high and the width starts 1” at the top and widens as it goes down to approx. 3.5” at the bottom.

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