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The WeedHead™ & Company

A Corporate-to-Cannabis Executive's Story

Founded in 2016, The WeedHead™ & Company (TWH & CO) is a cannabis education and lifestyle brand developed by corporate-to-cannabis thought leader and educator, Dasheeda Dawson. Leveraging the team's pioneering success as a top strategy consulting firm in the legal cannabis industry, TWH & CO is at the unique intersection of cannabis business, science and policy and has grown to encompass highly-sought education, empowerment and enrichment for professionals curious about and working in cannabis. With a mission to make the industry accessible and equitable for all, particularly those communities disparately impacted by cannabis prohibition, TWH & CO has published a 3-time Amazon bestselling workbook, How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry, 3rd Ed and also produces a weekly award-winning podcast, She Blaze. 

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