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13 Black Owned CBD Brands You Will Love!

CBD is the hottest newest health & wellness trend to hit the market in over a decade. As this cannabis molecule gains popularity The WeedHead™ & Company aggregated a quick list of brands doing their thing. Fair warning: not all CBD products are created equal! So here are just a few CBD brands you should know and can safely buy from!


Hemp Haven Wellness Center- A new CBD store in Laurel, Maryland. Dr. Nicole Ray and her business partner used "How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry" workbook to give them inspiration to open this store. They sell a number of brands including just launching their own Hemp Haven brand. They are brick & mortar and online with a fairly large assortment of different brands.

Mother Mary Wellness - This brand is the 1st Black woman-owned CBD company in Louisiana. Alicia is awesome and goes by the @CBDiva on IG.

Holmes Organics - Cory Holmes has built the most comprehensive assortment of CBD products that we have seen. Based in St. Louis, he also teaches individuals how to get start their own CBD businesses.

Blue Lotus Creations - Natalie is a Mississippi-based business owner and State Director for Minorities for Medical Marijuana. Her store sells other CBD products too but her brand is Blue Lotus.

Live PIF - This brand is a new minority-owned, NY-based hemp company. Their teas we must HIGHLY recommend. The CEO, Julio reps for the Bronx. Landon, the CSO, is an attorney, and fellow advocate.

Reset Wellness Group - A DC-based company owned by husband and wife team, Jason and Tahmika. They have a CBD infused lemonade that is delicious!

Tonic CBD - This is a WOMAN-owned, NY based company. The CMO is a Black woman, Mary Pryor, that we have worked with on a number of initiatives.

Nuleaf #1 - Based in Roswell, GA, Nuleaf #1 specializes in premium organic and vegan CBD products. The items range from CBD-infused pain creams, tinctures/oils, skincare applicants, and even pet products.


Undefined Beauty - The Founder/CEO Dorian is Harvard MBA, former Sephora, former Covergirl executive crossed over into cannabis. The CBD infused Glow Elixir serum is the TRUTH. Undefined Collective is her curated collection of other women-owned CBD and beauty brands, including suppositories!

Lilly Pearl Beauty - Sabrenna's products are luxurious. You can tell she's a licensed skincare tech. We highly recommend the Body Mousse and she has pain relieving topicals too!

Taylor & Tess - "The Quickie" CBD facial toner and "In the Buff" CBD infused African soap are some of the best CBD infused beauty products on the market. And we love the regal emerald packaging!

Elio Wellness | Hollingsworth Hemp - The Hollingsworth family is the first Black-owned cannabis farm in Washington state. Extremely cool family business with brother and sister (Raft and Joy) at the helm. You may have seen them featured on Anthony Bourdain's show or Buzzfeed.

Hempress Hill - Kyla Hill is a hemp activist that has created a line of hemp-based, sustainable clothing that we literally can't wait to try!

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