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4/20 2018 Recap: National Cannabis Festival & Bud & Bougie DC

It was a beautiful day in our nation's capital. 70 degrees and sunny with cherry blossom season in full effect. That day was a good day to consume cannabis, and RFK Stadium was perhaps the most packed it has ever been for DC’s own National Cannabis Festival. For the 3rd year in a row, RFK stadium hosted the annual National Cannabis and this year was its biggest thus far. In true fashion, the MJM Strategy team showed up ready to keep everyone connected with their amazing Relax and Recharge lounge area, filled with good vibes, phone chargers and a wealth of cannabis information.

Good vibes, good music and good cannabis permeated the festivals grounds and made the day everything you’d want out of a 4/20 celebration. Beyond the vendors and musical glory the MJM team had more surprises in store.

Venturing through the crowd with her usual style and grace was The Dank Duchess, all the way from Oakland here to bless DC with her presence and world class hash. And, most importantly, she came to bring to this market a weed party like they’ve never seen for The WeedHead & Company's Bud & Bougie party. With a golden chalice full of her signature O-o’s, The Duchess worked her way through the event spreading smoke and smiles, preparing everyone for the adventures of the weekend.

Nestled within this busy city, the nation's center of policy and government, our team found the perfect location to host this special event. The Madison House DC set the perfect ambiance with its holistic healing references and products, along with afrocentric artwork, making for the perfect haven for the Bud & Bougie DC celebration. The Dank Duchess started the event with a session of Chillum and O-o smoke before she eased us into a presentation and customary sampling of some of her finest hash. Hash from the Dank Duchess is one of the finest luxuries in the cannabis industry. Washed by hand and “pressed with finesse”, as she says, this is some of the most beautiful and pungent cannabis concentrate you’ll ever have. Bud & Bougie defined.

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