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5 Black-Owned Cannabis Apparel and Accessories Brands

The cannabis industry is booming worldwide. It is critically important to recognize Black creators and businesses in the industry – Black-owned cannabis businesses only make up about 4% of cannabis businesses in the US.

Cannabis is no longer taboo and to many of us, cannabis is mainstream. We should expect to see cannabis represented in our culture, in our clothes, in our accessories. We should be talking about cannabis, as medical treatments, as wellness products, as health-promoting, as mood-enhancing. The cannabis community is limitless in reach and application.

We want to highlight five Black-owned businesses, both popular and up-and-coming, that specialize in cannabis apparel and accessories. Let’s elevate the businesses that are creating the culture around cannabis.


Designed and hand-stitched in the Los Angeles District, CRONJA cases and trays are the new go-to for travel and home accessories that can also double as luxury storage for fashion essentials. They are a Veteran and Black Owned Business and they are a company committed to helping the cannabis community right the wrongs of the past and achieve the respect and equity deserved by victims of the failed War on Drugs.


Founded by Poet Jasmine Mans, this clothing brand offers stylish jackets, shirts and even tote bags which are screen printed in New Jersey. This brand is perfect for your fashionable friends who care about equity and equality.


This luxury smoking accessory brand founded by Tori Owens, Yandy Smith, and Layota Bond offers a popular pink ashtray that is simple yet beautiful, making it the perfect accent piece. The aluminum interior is removable for easy cleaning and the lid doubles as a coaster. Aiming to fit each customer’s aesthetic, Canna Luxe also offers a variety of different accessories from pipes to blunt holders.


Founded by owner Rhonda Jane, this company has everything from retro vintage clothing to jaded jewelry and smoke accessories. She also has a podcast called “Highest Goddess Vibes” dedicated to incorporating cannabis into your spiritual wellness journey.

Canna Vibezz LLC

Founded by CEO Joy Washington, their mission is too educate on how cannabis is the best option over traditional pharmaceutical industry solutions and to spread love through their products, photography work, and business collaborates. They sell their Canna Vibezz merch which includes clothing, water bottles, fanny packs, and more. They also have a line of cannabis accessories including a popular Baby Yoda header.