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Flower Review: Super Silver Haze

So I recently had the pleasure of attending my first Cannabis Cup. Cannabis Cups are consumption events aimed at crowning the "best of the best" in different categories of cannabis products. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed just how significant these events really are to the cannabis community, culture and industry at-large. A prime outlet for direct-to-consumer sales, marketing insights, and new product launches -- cannabis cups are generally fun events catered to the consumer to experience both old and new brands operating in the legal cannabis space.

I’ve been what I call a "conscious cannabis consumer" for almost a decade. Now that I've been working within the industry for a few years, I can shamelessly admit to being a “weed snob.” For many important reasons, I have become more critical of the cannabis I consume. Recently, I made a joke about the price of a particular brand of marijuana and a friend exclaimed “but what cups has it won!?” We both laughed hard about that outburst but I now feel the question holds some weight. Which brings me to the point of this strain review: Super Silver Haze (SSH) -- If you're not familiar, Super Silver Haze, bred by Green House Seeds, was the first prize winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998, and 1999. It also won awards at the High Times Harvest Festival.

So now you know, THIS strain, has won a few cups. A precisely bred marijuana strain that has been iconic since the '90s, it is a hybrid of three other popular strains or cultivars. The effects of SSH help consumers remain calm, while still feeling “on-the-go.” Like most timeless strains, this one perfectly straddles the line of ‘medicinal’ and ‘adult’ use. With a strong terpene profile of wood and pine plus notes of lavender and citrus, this strain will impress itself upon your memory. Because it is a strain of heirloom genetics, you will definitely find familiarity with the strain's dominant terpenes such as Humulene and Pinene, a couple of the most common terpenes we find in popular marijuana strains today.

While generally having a higher THC percentage, averaging 20-25%, SSH’s terpene profile and cannabinoid profile work harmoniously together to give you a great experience no matter what the application. When smoked you’ll get a taste of citrus pine and a long lasting high with focused energy. Used as an edible or topical, you can expect benefits from an abundance of cannabinoids, including CBG and CBC, both known for being non-intoxicating and effective at regulating body processes, reducing pain, and halting tumor growth. Super Silver Haze is an award winning strain everyone should have in their stash.

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