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Product Review: Gemini 2-in-1 Bubbler & Nectar Collector

Cleaning up broken glass or losing a cute or expensive piece waterpipes can be such a hassle. As a cannabis connoisseur having cute devices are a must! Day to day consumption is all about convenience and I “Ice Dawson” am a super fan of silicone accessory options. The Waxmaind Gemini 2-in-1 bubbler and nectar collector is the perfect solution for cute and convenient.

Waxmaid is the FIRST company to create a silicone water pipe, combining silicone and glass as a hybrid water pipe to be distributed worldwide. Waxmaid's innovative use of PLATINUM CURED SILICONE to make smoking rigs and accessories is far safer than typical silicone products.

Gemini 2-in-1 bubbler and nectar collector is inspired by the zodiac sign Gemini which is known for its “twin” reference. This water pipe's detachable mouthpiece doubles as a nectar collector. It comes with a silicone down stem that’s virtually indestructible and attaches to the bowl. There's a space on the base of the water pipe to hold the needle that connects the mouthpiece to get a smooth hit.

There are multiple colors available. I personally love the pink cream and was cool enough to receive the blue and green pipe but there are an array of colors like; green, black, red, blue & yellow. It’s easy to order and shipping is really fast. They’re also sold in many common smoke shops.

The device works well with dry flowers. The dry flower bowl does not come with a handle so it is hard to hit with regular use. I would recommend purchasing an additional piece that comes with a stem to pull out during a dry flower hit to protect your fingers from the hot bowl. The nectar collector is pretty self-explanatory. It works similarly to a standard nectar collector so definitely have a torch close by for the classic concentrate vaping experience. This is the perfect device for someone that is gravity challenged at home (always breaks them), a new consumer that's not sure about water pipes, or for the connoisseur that wants to travel with a light bong and not too much clean up.

Great Qualities:

  • Silicone on the device makes it almost indestructible and can be dropped a few times before it will break.

  • The design is cute and really reflects the Gemini zodiac sign “twin” symbol really well. Waxmaid has additional pieces accessory pieces that can be bought and interchanged with the device.

  • It is really cool the device has multiple ways it can function.

What Could Improve:

  • The bowl sold with the device doesn't have a handle so it incredibly hard and hot to decarb a water pipe without one

  • There were a lot of ashes from the dry flower falling in into the water and the device can use a screen or ash catcher

  • User has to be very aware of the needle connected to the bottom of the device so it does not get lost.

Overall it's a really solid device. That can be purchased from anywhere.

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Purchase: $44.99

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