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Product Review: Gemini 2-in-1 Bubbler & Nectar Collector

Cleaning up broken glass or losing a cute or expensive piece waterpipes can be such a hassle. As a cannabis connoisseur having cute devices are a must! Day to day consumption is all about convenience and I “Ice Dawson” am a super fan of silicone accessory options. The Waxmaind Gemini 2-in-1 bubbler and nectar collector is the perfect solution for cute and convenient.

Waxmaid is the FIRST company to create a silicone water pipe, combining silicone and glass as a hybrid water pipe to be distributed worldwide. Waxmaid's innovative use of PLATINUM CURED SILICONE to make smoking rigs and accessories is far safer than typical silicone products.

Gemini 2-in-1 bubbler and nectar collector is inspired by the zodiac sign Gemini which is known for its “twin” reference. This water pipe's detachable mouthpiece doubles as a nectar collector. It comes with a silicone down stem that’s virtually indestructible and attaches to the bowl. There's a space on the base of the water pipe to hold the needle that connects the mouthpiece to get a smooth hit.