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Dispensary Review: Planet 13, Las Vegas NV

A new staple of Las Vegas, Planet 13 is already making plenty of headway into becoming one of the most dynamic cannabis brands in the industry. A beautiful view as you pull up to their large parking lot whether day or night, their large logo and red orb (their Planet Water Feature) floating ominously in a pool of mist making it clear someone with BIG thinking was behind their branding.

Once inside you’re greeted by both a large check-in desk with friendly host and their large Interactive LED floor where as you walk across a colorful host of animations and graphics are created in your path. Quite a lot going on, and this is before you even enter the dispensary.

This store has A LOT of cannabis (Over 50+ retail vendors and 70 strains), and they do a great job of keeping it on display in beautiful cases spread throughout the store giving you the opportunity to walk through and shop freely.

In the middle, of the establishment is a first of its kind pop-up booth PAX Bar experience that is actually a permanent feature in the store. Here customers can learn about the PAX brand of devices and cannabis concentrates while also getting access to custom and limited edition products including the ability to custom engrave your own PAX device.

Across from the dispensary, as part of their Phase 2 expansion is the newly opened Perc Coffee Shop and Rickey Cricket Renderings Bistro and Pizzeria. Perc Coffee is designed to be a home for cannabis connoisseurs looking for a comfortable spot to recoup along with having unique greenhouse sourced coffee while Rickey Cricket is a world renowned Pizzeria with 3 locations in Arizona now calling Las Vegas home where customers can come to grab a bite of delicious pizza along with their cannabis purchase.

On the eve of their 1 year anniversary it’s clear that Planet 13 is shaping up to be quite the entertainment complex with Cannabis, food and drinks it has everything you’d need for your Sin City stay.


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