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Product Review: Lit Culture - Lit Wrap

I'm always looking for tobacco alternatives as a former cigarette smoker the only way I ever indulge in tobacco is via blunts; marijuana cigarettes rolled in tobacco leaves. The thick smoke, and additional flavor notes added by the tobacco offer a richer smoking experience, because of this I'm always in search of good tobacco alternatives. From lettuce wraps, corn wraps, and rice papers my favorite has to be a solid hemp wrap so shout out to Lit Culture for making one just for smokers like me.

I wrote about High Hemp Wraps years ago when they were the first ones I noticed in this space, but now here comes Lit Culture - Lit Wraps to make their own name in the space. Lit Culture is s a lifestyle brand committed to customer service, quality products, and top tier product knowledge all principles right up my ally.

Based out of Atlanta Georgia, Lit Wraps currently come in flavors beside their original. They are entering a market ready where consumers love to augment the flavors and smells of their smoke.

As soon as you take one out the pack you can see these wraps are different than your average Hemp Wrap. The smell of ripe peaches practically jump out the pouch, letting you know to expect an amazing flavorful smoke but the wraps themselves are also clearly different. Seemingly double wide and double ply these wraps are Big and Thick ready to hold as much weed as you can fit in them, which must easily be quite a few grams.

I definitely like these. I roll with grams, and all the additives available in terms of hash, shatter and crumble and I love to smoke, so a large wrap like this, made thick so it burns slow is perfect for me. Some consumers may even be able to get multiple wraps out of each of these because they’re so large so not only are they health conscious but also wallet friendly. Ask for Lit Wraps at your local smoke shop and try them out for yourself.

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