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Product Review: High Hemp Wraps

The Urban Dictionary defines a “blunt” as a cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana. Essentially, you are rolling your cannabis with a tobacco-based wrap instead of another form of rolling paper. Who here smokes blunts? *raises hand* 🙋🏾‍♂️ Who here smokes cigarettes? What do those two things have in common? Tobacco. Now everyone is entitled to live life as they please, and make their own choices but facts are facts. 1 in 5 deaths a year are related to smoking tobacco (Center for Disease Control).

Well, here comes High Hemp Wraps to the rescue to offer you some guilt free smoking. As a former pack-a-day cigarette smoker, and now electronic cigarette advocate, I made the choice to stop smoking cigarettes over 2 years ago but, I still smoke A LOT of blunts. When products like these High Hemp Wraps pop up and challenge the status quo I get very excited! 

Being made from 100% Organic hemp, along with being gluten free and GMO free, these wraps also give an added boost of CBD, all while still providing that tobacco “kick” — without the chemicals. Following market trends, High Hemp offers wraps in 3 varieties: High Hemp Organic, Maui Mango, and Honey Pot Swirl, which caters to smokers who want to add a little flavor to their herbs.

Here’s the bottom line..side by side you would not be able to tell the “tobacco difference” between these and your ordinary blunt wrap (Juicy Jays, Swishers, Entourage.) Some would say they actually burn smoother and more evenly than the blunt wrap competitors. The Maui Mango is my favorite thus far, filling your nose with a sweet tropical aroma when you rip open a pouch, which includes 2 wraps and 2 filters. I can’t wait to see these hemp wraps take over the market.

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