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Earth Week 2020 | Women in AG | Cannabis & The Future - Apr. 24, 2020

As the entire world prepares to face and combat global warming and greenhouse gas, we would like to formally invite you to Earth Week 2020: HEMP, an opportunity for Tuskegee University’s local-global community to be engrossed in international problem solving-virtually.

The week of April 20th - 24th, 2020 will be filled with films, industry experts, and historical figures that will educate and level the playing field for those new to the agricultural space. This will allow students and surrounding community members to explore and engage in thoughtful, deliberative dialogues, experiences, and cutting edge opportunities to interact with the booming “green rush.”

Exposure is essential for creativity and innovation to occur in any field, which is why Earth Week 2020: HEMP will be pivotal, especially for the development of national research on a scale amongst 1890 universities.

Women in AG | Cannabis & The Future

Friday, April 24th | 420PM - 6PM CDT

Meet and discuss the ever changing and growing markets of Cannabis with;

Clarenda "Cee" Stanley of Green Heffa Farms

Dasheeda Dawson of The WeedHead™ & Company

Moderator: Kandeaux the Farm Plug



Event Name: "Women in AG | Cannabis & The Future"

Date: Friday, April 24th


Time: 420PM - 6PM CDT


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