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Flower Review: Cannabiotix Strawberry Lemonade

We could call this strain the “one-hit wonder” with nearly 27% THC. I loved every second of my first hit of the Strawberry Lemonade, a sativa strain cultivated by Cannabiotix. Super sweet and extremely tangy, the flavor profile on this strain is exactly as described with the matching smell to make you appropriately say “ooooooooo weeeeeee” before taking your second sniff. It’s delicious ya’ll. 😁

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a “Sativa Diva” and currently always in the market for a mentally productive strain. The perfect GSD (get stuff done) strain. The “stay woke” strain. The “I’m lit and focused” strain. This is a light-weight contender if nothing else because of the immediate mood elevation & pick-me up from the sweet, but pungent hit. I hate to do it but I guess I would categorize this as a “girly” Sativa — you know, strong enough for a man but made for a woman. LOL

Seriously, the sweetness of it is too strong to think otherwise. Sadly, subsequent hits aren’t as good or at least don’t feel as potent, possibly because your nose has become a bit immune to the “oooo weee” dank on this strain. The next morning however, my nose had forgotten all about it —paired with a coffee was an instant shot of energy every entrepreneur needs at 4:20am when it’s “time to make the donuts”. And I only needed one hit.

A few cons: this strain was the stickiest ickiest for like 2.2 seconds; dried out very quickly and legit the last 3/4 gram has felt like practically dust in comparison to the bud fresh out the canister. To be real, this could very well be due to my “stash management” skills which admittedly need to be upgraded since I moved and became a legal medical marijuana patient. (More to come!) However, I am more concerned it was the shelf life + the packaging option.

I have a few strains to review from this brand and I will keep an eye on this for future. My first time at The Apothecary Shoppe — the Budtenders were extremely helpful and patient>>>I ask A LOT of questions. Excited to try all of the other recommendations….

–Dasheeda “The WeedHead” A rising Cannabis executive’s story

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