Flower Review: Nature’s AZ AK-47

Back from the family vacation and right back to the search for the most lit, most focused and most productive strain out there. On recommendation from my budtender at Nature’s AZ, I bought an 8th of AK-47 despite never having tried this hybrid strain — a usual “no-no” in my rule book. If it’s a new strain, I rarely buy more than a gram, especially if it’s a hybrid (and definitely if it’s an Indica-dominant hybrid).

Suffice to say when I left the dispensary, I was quite nervous about my selection. A few hits later and I was pleased by the recommendation — it literally blew a hole in my anxiety and stress. True to it’s name, it packs a serious body high punch when it finally hits you — but it’s a gradual shift which is very nice when you are on “productive chill” mode on a semi-relaxing Saturday.

This strain significantly increased my appetite as compared to the sativas I prefer to consume, although not ideal when your clothes are bought to fit exact and you have a 2 week business trip ahead. lol That said, while it gave me a nice productive chill weekend, I wouldn’t use this strain in everyday work mode — great for tackling non-time sensitive tasks such as general research or re-organization/cleanup of your e-mail inbox — the type of tasks where an unexpected (but probably much needed) 30 minute nap isn’t going to make you lose momentum.

I would probably give it 3.5 stars out of 5 if that were a selection option. It’s also a great happy medium strain for sharing with “In the couch” indica lovers in the family. So, an 8th well spent at $28.00, just not the GSD strain this Sativa Diva is looking for. #realtalk

— Dasheeda “The WeedHead” A Rising Cannabis Executive’s Story

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