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MJM Strategy + Estrohaze present 10 Canna Commandments

In honor of our sponsorship of the 2018 National Cannabis Festival, check out our Top Ten Digital Tips & Tricks for budding cannabis entrepreneurs! Featuring Dasheeda Dawson aka The WeedHead, CEO of MJM Strategy and the Co-Founders of Estrohaze: Kali Wild, Safon Floyd and Sirita Wright. Introducing Ice Dawson aka Cannabis Socialite, host of She Blaze!


  1. Director: Imani Dawson, Tribe Called Curl Media

  2. Shooter/Editor: JCINQUE

  3. Music Production: Ritchie Hutchinson & Will Regan

  4. Extras/Dancers: Ricardo Dreyfous & Janine “J9” Micheletti

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