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She Blaze | S5 Ep. 10 - “MORE & More Cannabis Bills in 2021”

The House has reintroduced the MORE Act of 2021 after the historic passage of the 2020 bill last session. But how has it changed? 🤔🤔While MORE and more cannabis bills are being introduced at the federal level, state legislative efforts have seen some stalled momentum. She Blaze co-hosts Dasheeda Dawson - The WeedHead ™ and Ice Dawson - Cannabis Socialite will break down the current policy trends and of course, bringing the scoop on Jay Z's The Parent Company money moves! Watch #LIVE on Saturdays at 9am PST/12pm EST and binge listen anytime on #spotify, #applepodcast #Iheartradio and many more.🔄🔄


DEE'S HIGH OF THE WEEK | 1:00s ► New Flower Strains! 💨| Jack Herer - High Terpinolene & Lemon OG - High Myrcene | Plus Bubba Kush Hemp flower 🌱🌱

ICE'S HIGH OF THE WEEK | 2:50s ► High Times | Portland Supervisor Dasheeda Dawson: Overseeing A Social Equity Program During A Pandemic

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Episode Topics

Hot Topic 1 | 4:30s ►

Josephine & Billie’s Is A BIPOC Women-Owned Cannabis Consumption Lounge

Hot Topic 2 | 9:00s ►

Amazon Support Legalization And Ends Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Hot Topic 3 | 16:50s ►

Connecticut Equity Is Moving Backwards 🌿🔙

Main Topic | 29:30s ►

Federal Roundup | Current Cannabis Bills On The House Floor 🏛️📜🌿

31:00s | MORE Act 2021

38:50s | Hemp Access and Consumer Safety Act

45:05s | SAFE Banking Act of 2021


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