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She Blaze | S5 Ep. 7 - “Are Licensing Caps And Lottery Picks Harming The Cannabis Industry?”

She Blaze co-hosts Dasheeda Dawson - The WeedHead ™ and Ice Dawson - Cannabis Socialite will be LIVE at 3pm and tune in as they talk about the controversial topic of 🌿🧢🎫 cannabis licensing caps and lotteries. Listen anytime on #audible #spotify, #Iheartradio and many more.🔄🔄

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DEE'S HIGH OF THE WEEK | 1:10s ►Chill - The Coolest Hit In The World 💨| A premium vacuum insulated smoking apparatus | Promo Code: THEWEEDHEAD | @gettingchill

ICE'S HIGH OF THE WEEK | 2:30s ► 27th Annual Communicator Award WINNNN 🏆🎙️

Episode Topics

Hot Topic 1 | 3:40s ► Should Cookies Move Out Of West Hollywood? 🆘🌿🍪

Hot Topic 2 | 10:00s ► African Country ~ Malawi President Encourages Cannabis Agriculture 🇲🇼🌿

Hot Topic 3 | 14:20s ► Let’s Discuss: The Common Sense Cannabis Reform For Veterans, Small Businesses, And Medical Professionals Act

Main Topic | 24:00s ► Are Licensing Caps And Lottery Picks Harming The Cannabis Industry? 🌿🧢🎫 Lottery Drama: Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey & ETC


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