Recap: Women Grow - Las Vegas

Women Grow Las Vegas Signature Events presents Celebrating Minority Voices in Cannabis

People of color are a critical part of the cannabis community. On Thursday, November 7, Women Grow Las Vegas Signature Events acknowledged their roles with ‘Celebrating Minority Voices in Cannabis’ at Cork & Thorn, a charming and chic restaurant near downtown Las Vegas. Cork & Thorn provided amazing service and featured decor that elevated the experience. Women Grow Las Vegas chapter leader Rebecca Perrick put together a powerful panel discussion featuring A’esha Goins founder of Cannacoach, Gia Moron president of Women Grow, Claudia Bee of In Style Flooring & Design, Kouanin Cantwell co-founder of Green Life Productions, Nevada Entrepreneur Kema Ogden. The panel offered valuable information and insights, even for experienced industry professionals.

There were a ton of cannabis exhibitors, many of them well-known and respected. Mary’s Medicinals had the best exhibit. I’m already familiar with the brand, and discussed their transdermal patches on She Blaze S1 Ep.3 - Cannabis Industry Real Talk. At the event, the company gave away great swag, like pain freeze spray, face toner and pet cbd drops. I loved that the products were free and full-sized.

420 Eats Catering was another impressive vendor. The infused foods company provided pecan pie and corn muffin samples. The desserts were absolutely delicious. There was also a non-infused corn muffin option. The table looked elegant and each food item was clearly labelled, which is really important for a successful buffet style display.

The night’s award for most enthusiastic goes to Remedy cannabis brand based in Las Vegas. Remedy had tee shirts, hats, and bags as promo items. Its representatives eagerly discussed upcoming products at its cannabis store Silver Sage .

Overall, the night was fun and filled with networking opportunities. Kudos to Women Grow Los Vegas for the perfect mix of business and entertainment. I had a blast.

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