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She Blaze | S3 Ep. 3 -*Guest* "Hashmaker The Dank Duchess"

She Blaze has their very first guest of Season 3️⃣✨ Tune in today to hear from world-renown hashmaker, cultivator & writer The Dank Duchess💜💚They’re setting the facts straight on Washington state's proposed potency limits⚠️, looking at Michigan's adult use sales🌿🔁💰, and giving detailed explanations on cannabis concentrates. Welcome to the high life with your favorite hosts, Dasheeda Dawson - The WeedHead™👩🏿‍💻 and Ice Dawson - Cannabis Socialite👱🏾‍♀️ at 11 AM EST every Saturday!

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About The Dank Duchess

The Dank Duchess is a multifaceted artist who has chosen Cannabis and Hashish as her latest focus. A Hashish writer, she massages words into intense narratives with all of the robustness and nuance of her hand rolled balls of cannabis resin. As a consummate educator, she adheres strongly to the motto, “Each one, teach one.”

The Dank Duchess applies her 15 years of growing experience, priceless mentorship under Master Hashmaker Frenchy Cannoli, and fierce commitment to her art to fully immerse herself in the global cannabis industry; sharing insights, techniques, and innovations with growers and hashmakers around the world.

With dozens of feature length Hashish stories, how-to videos, public appearances, and Hashish education modules to her credit, The Dank Duchess has become an internationally recognized Hashish authority in 5 short years. Initially a cultivator, she has blossomed into a Hashish storyteller, maker, and media personality. Her distinct writing style, crafting intimate scenes that viscerally invoke the sights, smells, and effects of everything she relates, has graced magazines and books; including Weed World UK, Skunk Magazine, Cannabis Now, Resin and Rosin Report, and anthologies by Ed Rosenthal.

Thoroughly enjoying being in front of the camera, Duchess has appeared on VICELAND's "Bong Appétit," (Seasons 1 & 3) as both a Hashmaker and celebrity judge, and filmed educational and entertainment segments for Greenflower Media. She has filmed hours of free tutorials; amassing on Instagram and YouTube almost 2 million watched minutes about her Hashmaking technique called The Duch Touch.

A maker of fine Hashish, Duchess uses her very best plants to make full melt Hashish. She currently provides Hashish consultation services to small and large farms both here and abroad. Constantly filming, her camera takes it all in as her attention to media representation never wanes. Hundreds of images of her high end Hashish have titillated the senses of novices and connoisseurs alike as her discerning standard of aesthetics is always on display.

Using social media, she urges people to take control of their personal healing by encouraging them to grow their own weed, make their own hash, and never stop believing in the health, beauty, and wellness that cannabis has to offer.

Cannabis is essential to her existence and with her dedication to an All Weed Everything lifestyle she has found a way to integrate it completely into her life. In her words, “My niche is Hashish. And cannabis flower fuels my power.“

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