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The Oregon Trail to Legal Cannabis

Oregon’s approach to cannabis legalization took a bold shift recently when became the first state to consider an aggressive challenge to existing federal cannabis laws. Because of an enormous cannabis surplus, the head of a local industry trade group is pushing for state legislators to permit Oregon cannabis companies to export products to other states like Washington, California and Nevada by 2021. If implemented, the policy could help regulate market prices and reduce the state’s oversupply. While the plan faces tremendous challenges, its very existence is proof that the cannabis industry is now ready to use its growing influence to press for interstate commerce—which could fundamentally shift federal laws and facilitate national legalization.

This potentially game-changing policy signals rapid expansion coming to the cannabis industry, and ultimately more opportunity for those looking to enter one of the nation’s fastest growing sectors. That means greater chances to build thriving careers and create generational wealth. The window of opportunity is wide. If you’re interested, take the first step today by learning about this expansive new market and how you to create a space for yourself in the industry. Use our top-selling workbook, How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry to create a personalized road map for success, or jump right in with our Introductory Course Bundle, an accelerated path to creating your own cannabis career or business right now. Come learn with other motivated individuals and accomplish your industry goals immediately.

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