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Flower Review : Loudpack - Ultra Violence

California has always been known for its amazing flower. It could be the wide range of growing climates that have already made the west coast a hot bed for big agriculture. Or a history of liberal cannabis laws that allowed cultivators to really become masters of their craft. Either way on this side of the coast, bad weed is usually harder to find than good weed.

Today I have to take a moment to highlight a surprise standout. Loudpack Brands, California premium grown cannabis, is doing their best to live up to that claim. As a regular smoker I'm always on the hunt for the next best herb but, being an entrepreneur means mandatory constant productivity..which generally keeps my consumption on the sativa side of things, but once in a while I come across a stunning hybrid that really checks all the boxes for me.

Labeled as a hybrid within their premium line of cannabis flower Ultra Violence is definitely a keeper strain.

A hybrid of Jilly Bean x OGKB x Wetdream this strains tight dense nugs, speckled with a few orange pistols and trichomes frosting the edges of each individual leaf give it HIGH bag appeal. Nestled away in Loudpacks airtight packaging you're greeted with a strong terpene profile. Orange sorbet, sugar cookies, and gas blend nicely with smooth notes of citrus fruits and cream with cake like dessert overtones, giving this flower a unique terpene profile that tickles the nose. Both sweet and full of fuel, this strain really stands out in the eye and nose test but, the taste and effects really bring it all together. It smokes how it smells with dense clouds full of the same cookie, gas, and fruity notes you smell in the jar and the effects relax your body while leaving you pleasantly energetic, almost a little giggly. Unlike its name might suggest, Ultra Violence is almost too much a treat, definitely a favorite for a wake and bake to start your day or a post work evening pick me up. Check out their website to find a licensed dispensary near you so you can check out this great strain too


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