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She Blaze | S5 Ep. 4 - “Celebrate 4/20 Safely”

4/20 week is upon us🌿🥳! Learn how to celebrate safely with She Blaze co-host Dasheeda Dawson - The WeedHead™ & Ice Dawson - Cannabis Socialite and they’re running down all of the hottest topics in cannabis📰🌿. Remember to hit the notification button below to #watchlive on Saturday 12 pm EST and listen anytime on #soundcloud #spotify, #Iheartradio and many more.🔄🔄



DEE High Of The Week | 1:08s ► Black Dragon Breakfast Club |

ICE High Of The Week | 2:11s ► Blubby | Breeder: Dirt Farmer Genetics Cultivator: MoarBlunts

Episode Topics

Hot Topic 1 | 4:00s ►

Joe Biden Drug Enforcement Administration Nominee

Hot Topic 2 | 12:30s ►

PepsiCo Drops A “Hemp” Based Drink

Hot Topic 3 | 18:00s ►

Illinois Makes More Money From Cannabis Period

Main Topic | 27:00s ►


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