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She Blaze | S5 Ep. 3 - “These States Want Cannabis Now”

This week has been a roller coaster but She Blaze is here for the ride.🎢🌿 Co - Hosts Ice Dawson - Cannabis Socialite and Dasheeda Dawson - The WeedHead ™ talk about rappers in cannabis culture and all the states legalizing right now. Hit that reminder button to watch #LIVE Saturdays at 12pm and listen anytime on #soundcloud #spotify, #Iheartradio and more.🔄🔄

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DEE High Of The Week | 0:52s: Culture Campus | Statement Button |

Ice High Of The Week | 1:50s: Mess in a Bottle | My Mama Was ~ 26.95 |

Episode Topics

Hot Topic 1 | 2:00s ► Xzibit’s Cannabis Company Banned From L.A. Dispensary

Hot Topic 2 | 9:50s ► New Coalition Focused On Lobbying Conservative Lawmakers

Hot Topic 3 | 18:50s ► First Federal Letter Targeting A Cannabis Bank

Main Topic 28:50s ► These States Want Cannabis Now


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