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She Blaze | S5 Ep. 6 - “Will Alabama Governor Sign The Medical Marijuana Bill”

She Blaze Co-hosts Dasheeda Dawson - The WeedHead™ and Ice Dawson - Cannabis Socialite has its eyes on the #south. 🙄🙄🙄 Florida Us Rep Matt Gaetz's investigation enters into the cannabis industry and Alabama “claims” 🥱🤔 they want medical marijuana. Hit the notification button to see them live Saturdays at noon est and listen anytime on #soundcloud #spotify, #Iheartradio, and many more.🔄🔄

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DEE'S HIGH OF THE WEEK | :50s: Tetragram | A Black-owned digital platform and app 🤳🏿 | "Find what works!" |

ICE'S HIGH OF THE WEEK | 2:30s : Pineapples ~ Shcmokes Collection 🌿🍍

Episode Topics

Hot Topic 1 | 4:30s ► US Representative Matt Gaetz (FL-R) Investigation Uncovers Alleged Cannabis Corruption-

Hot Topic 2 | 13:46s ► Lawmakers Are Banning Delta Cannabinoids

Hot Topic 3 | 26:00s ► Skittles Sues Zkittlez For Trademark Infringement

Main Topic | 34:33s ► Alabama Medical Marijuana Bill Reaches The Governor's Desk

Alabama Compassion Act ~ SB46

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